Expression of Style in Design

System 38 turns the kitchen space into a new style with the new habits of the modern life with company laminated options applied to kitchen cupboard covers.
The model creates a visually rich, dynamic and impressive style while turning your kitchen into the centre of attention rather than just being a functional space.

Tresette Mutfak Modelleri Klasik Mare Serisi

12 options of compact laminat
4 options for painted glass
19 options of matte lacquer
26 options of glossy lacquer

Covers have push-open and black painted profile.
Open rack unit with glass rack and aluminium frame.
Black handles with horizontal axis on full-size cupboard cover.
Granite, glass counter and backsplash panel.
Anthracite kitchen sink and fittings.
Black glass flush-mounted devices and kitchen hood.

Expression of Style

Black aluminium frame cover edge. Black profile and black granite countertop.

Textured concrete surface push-open covered bottom cupboards and silver surface full-size cupboards.
Black profile. Black handles with horizontal axis on full-size cupboard cover. Porcelain countertop and porcelain bottom cupboard edges.
Bottom-pressed kitchen sink and chromium fittings. Black glass/stainless steel flush-mounted devices and black island kitchen hood.

Perfect Storage Space

Storeroom with adjustable chromium basket height.
Hidden in-drawer spoon holder. Drawers inside full-size cupboard.

Image and Quality

The professional style and long full-size cupboards of the new kitchen island is the combination of quality materials that give a technical yet sophisticated look to the kitchen. The decorated silver cover finish will give a better look and quality. Porcelain countertop offers higher durability against scratches and abrasion.

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